Healing Waters Center 

My purpose is to facilitate Healing for You (and the Earth)
and my mission is to help propel you into a life that you love.

I specialize in helping release what is keeping you from obtaining your True Amazing Self, by releasing emotional baggage, old traumas and wounds, other people’s energies, stuck energy, fears, limiting beliefs, etc.
Together we get to the roots of what is holding you back, open the flow for your own natural healing, and reveal your true authentic healthy happy divine self.
I’m ready if you are… let’s let go!!!


I am also part of the larger group of wellness practioners at 101 N Evergreen Road, so for details about our businesses, go to www.HealingWatersHolisticCenter.com.

Thanks all  of you who were able to join us for the Open House ! We loved visiting with you.

Healing Waters Holistic Center offers lots of classes, so be sure to go to the Classes tab for a full details.

 Meditations and Intentions Circle -> Every Wednesday ->  Time : 11 am - 12 pm (back to the old time :) 

Home1  Special $12.00 signed copy !
-> Teach a child how to easily call on angels every day and give them a gift for the rest of their lives.

'Thank You Angels'
     Children's Picture Book


I feel it is important to teach practices that children can use at an early age. Picture books are a wonderful way for children to learn and connect with themselves and the world around them, so this is a great teaching tool for a lifelong practice. As children are so often overlooked in asking about what they may need to have a healthier happier life, I have created the children's book 'Thank You Angels' to teach them how to ask for help from angels for all that they need and then to learn to give thanks for the help they will be receiving. I am excited to share this book with as many families as possible and hope that you will enjoy the fun interactive way that helps all of you get help where you need it and brings your families closer together. As a special treat, check out the second to last page to include a 'personalized' picture of the child that will be receiving this book. Enjoy. 

For ordering and delivery options go to the Products page. Thank You. 

Book reviews:

"A simple, inspiring book about angels for young children.  It shows them how to call on angels, and seeks to bring out the best in our children. It is also a book designed to bring parents and their children closer together. A gift to be treasured."
Darren Linton, International Angel Teacher, www.guidedbyangels.info

“Sweet, heartfelt, and tender. What a lovely reminder of the power that both angels and gratitude have to enrich our lives and the lives of others. For little ones to begin their journey with these practices…what a gift to them and to the world!”
     Deanna Davis, PhD, Author of The Law of Attraction in Action, www.deannadavis.net

“Susan Flerchinger’s “Thank You Angels” is a delightful introduction for the youngest readers to the unseen world of angels, a memorable gift from a healer who has dedicated a good portion of her life to helping others access the spiritual realm. From the beautiful photography of angels and children to the inspiring text, this book will be a treasure for families to return to again and again.”
Betsy Hays is an environmental writer and author of the children’s book, Riding with the Wind, an eco-adventure for middle grade readers. www.betsyhays.com

~~~~~~~  With much gratitude, thank you for these wonderful reviews  ~~~~~~~~



 Services and Benefits:

I offer a wide range of transformational healings and special treatments face to face, via phone, via Skype, or distance healing.

-  Releasing emotional baggage, old traumas & wounds, other people’s energies, stuck energy, fears, limiting beliefs, etc, opens the flow for your own natural healing, so this transformation often helps physical challenges such as hip and knee pain, backaches, joint pain, muscular aches and pains, digestive issues,  typically resulting in a reduction or disappearance of pain and disharmony. I also work on animals (mostly remotely).
- Many clients come to me saying they are stuck (whether it be at a job, in a relationship, or personally not knowing what to do to be happier), have no energy, are overwhelmed, stressed or depleted and we are always able to make some change to break out of the old path and begin movement to a better place.
-  Often during and after a session, people experience feeling lighter, more peaceful and at ease, clearer, lessened pain, feeling like burdens/stressors and old emotional baggage have been released, happier, and more confident.
-  Those that are ready to find new opportunities and purpose are often cleared of blockages and limitations so that they can open up to these new possibilities and reveal their true authentic healthy happy divine self.

-  As changes and transformations during a session are truly the work of the Divine, I also teach clients to access these connections to address their own self healing and to create the vibrant life they desire.
- I actively focus on world and planetary issues to help provide healing and transformation, so let me know if you want to work at this level. In addition, helping people in their own transformational healing allows them to live their divine purpose which will in turn helps the world.

If you would like to explore how I can help you, please get in touch (by phone 509-879-3264 or email susansenergy@aol.com) to discuss your situation and receive some free initial consultation.  Please see the rest of my website for more information about the services I provide. I look forward to working with you.

Blessings, Susan 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Testimonials ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Susan is such an incredible healer! Being in her presence fills you with strength, love, peace and she holds the space for you to be perfectly grounded!  Before I met and worked with Susan, I was ungrounded and lost! She helped me find my true calling, and whatever issue I had...she was able to tackle!!  Susan comes from a place of pure love and light and because of this her intuition is astounding and never failing! 
I had Susan work on my sweet Bullmastiff who was having constant ear itching and infections and she was able to intuit that it was my dog's weak spot and entities/low vibrational energies were using his physical weak spots as a way of hurting him and me! Susan was able to rid all entities and rebalance my dog's ears and protect him and me from any recurring entity/negative energy issues! My sweet boy hasn't had ear itching or infections since she worked on him! This is only one of the many things that Susan has cleared for me....she is the best healer I have ever come across! Susan's heart, mind, and soul are purely invested in healing and spreading more light! Susan is like the Wonder Woman of healers!"   (Tara S., WA)

"When I met Susan my life was in despair and turmoil.  I had no self-esteem, personal direction or sense of self.  I had no idea what to expect my first appointment.  I had gone to massage therapist that had claimed to be reiki healers but I never did notice any difference from a regular massage.  When I asked Susan what I should expect, she told me it would make subtle changes in my life.  I think subtle is a small word to use considering the powerful changes and affect it's had on myself and immediate family.  Along with some hard work on my end it has completely changed my life and those around me for the better. The first time I had a subtle shift in muscular tension; feeling more grounded and energized. The second time, I had a great release in my entire skeletal system.  I left less anxious and felt more balanced and alive than ever.  Some of the visions I had were confusing but I was able to let them go and move forward.  It took some work on my part to reflect and reaffirm positive mantras.... I spent time in quiet, alone, gardening and grounding myself. The third visit. I had suffered from sensory integration disorder and body aches and pains my entire life.  Being hyper sensitive to sounds, light and energies was something that I just accepted would always be a part of me.  It made the world a very confusing place.  After this treatment I didn't feel very good.  It felt like I had jet-lag and my body was very heavy but I also felt more grounded and comfortable in my own skin.  All of my sensory issues were gone, in fact everything looked, felt, tasted, smelled and sounded a bit different. My concept of time was better. ( something I've always struggled with) It was a rebirth and within I felt completely comfortable in my "new" skin. The forth visit was a big release of trauma past and present.  I had released so many things that had left me feeling guilty, sad and isolated from others that I loved and cared for.  I had a big shift in my heart.  It was like walls had crumbled down around it and it blossomed into a giant, powerful flower.  All I remember was wanting to hug my kids and smiling at the thought of them.... When I arrived home to my ten year old daughter she said she felt different, that she couldn't explain how but her feet where heavier and she was bigger not physically but all the same... bigger.  With tears in my eyes I hugged her tight and told her I understood completely and that she had every right to be bigger in spirit and in who she was. After each visit I had to really take time to let my body, mind, and soul process.  I had to drink a lot of water and practice grounding activities like yoga, salt baths or gardening. (those seemed to work for me). My time with Susan was anything but subtle.  It was life changing.  I now have more confidence and inner joy; and less pain physically, mentally and emotionally.  I still don't understand how it works, but I do know it works and I look forward to several more visits for myself and loved ones."  (Anna L., WA)

"I've never paid much attention to my emotions. I don't consider myself a "feeler" and every psych profile I've ever had done confirms that. I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ, a DiSC D/I, and so on. By trade, I'm a scientist and PhD - this means that I'm in my head a lot. I'm really good and thinking and taking action but have never spend much time feeling. As a result, I had a lot of emotional issues built up (I didn't realize this until I started working with Susan). I think that externalizing your problems is a powerful way to get passed them and to find solutions. Catharsis is healing. For this reason, I had tried different types of therapies after having a particular health diagnosis. I visited cognitive-behavioral therapists, relationship therapists, medical psychiatrists, grief counselors, and so on. All of these people were helpful and I learned a lot but nothing else changed. I came up with some new strategies for becoming healthier mentally and physically but I didn't learn anything about becoming healthier emotionally. Finally, I decided to see Susan. On a deep level, I knew I needed an emotional release of some kind. I needed to experience, work through, and understand my emotions. I started reading about this kind of 'emotional work' and discovered that there is a lot of science behind it, such as the existence of psychosomatic disorders and illnesses, and I decided to give it a try. After the first session with Susan, I felt as if 30 years of emotional stress was lifted off of me. The process of working with Susan was very different from what I expected - it required me to turn inward and focus on my feelings and to identify the emotions that were affecting my thoughts and behaviors. Doing this was hard at first but it became easier and easier with practice  I learned a lot about myself and learned how to process past experiences (and future events) in a new way - in a way that involved not only my thoughts and behavior, but my emotions too. If you want to learn more about yourself, if you want to improve your health, if you want to become more self-aware - I highly recommend working with Susan. Working with her changed my life for the better."  (Isaiah H., WA)

"Susan was the fifth energy worker I've had sessions with over the years.  I've had a long-term spiritual practice which has varied periodically, always advancing, so some of my experiences with Susan were not new, but some were.  There were unusual, pleasant sensations in some areas, and also she used a unique asymmetric technique which actually had me "off-center" but yet comfortable, and responded to a slight misalignment in my hips. We do not always know immediately the impact of our sessions, but not only the active work she did, but also our conversations were meaningful.  I'll be back, for sure!"  (Andy H., WA)

"You changed my life... I know you change/improve a lot of lives but I have to tell you, you CHANGED my life!!! I'll never be able to Thank You enough. There is still a lot of work to do, but for the 1st time, I have the 'clarity' to do the work ~ and with wide-eyed wonder and enthusiasm!!!" (Vicky D., WA)

"As follow up to yesterday's appointment, I wanted to let you  know how transformative an experience that was for me. I feel peaceful and released and continue to process the things that don't belong to me. Something has clicked inside me. Also, this morning, I had next to no pain in my left shoulder!!! Thank You!" (Kaarin A., WA)

"Susan has helped me tap into a spiritual support system I had no idea existed. Her support and guidance has helped me in ways that are both unusual and profound. I recommend her services to anyone with an open mind and a searching heart." (Linda Y., AZ)

"Susan is a gifted and caring practitioner. My initial experience left me amazed, at peace, and looking forward to our next meeting." (Robin B., WA)

"Susan's healing work was instrumental in helping me overcome physical challenges and emotional blockages that together were impeding my overall health. Through guided prayer, nutritional counsel, intuitive guidance and caring, Susan helped me construct a more healthy and loving approach to living." (Betsy H., NJ)

"It was the most amazing experience I have EVER had. I don't need to look any further for counseling or the tools I need to help myself. She's like having a little angel in my pocket. My visits to her were hard work; I'm not going to minimize the importance of my need to surrender some of those deep-seated issues that were blocking my healing. But, I'm through the worst of it and emotionally, physically, and spiritually - I am healthier than I have been in years." (Becky B., WA) 

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Note: These services are not meant as a replacement for medical or other professional guidance, but rather as a complement to traditional methods.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about these offerings, please feel free to contact me.

Susan Flerchinger  - 509-879-3264    email: susansenergy@aol.com

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